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Nurture your Child's Love for Learning

At Little Explorers Academy, I strive to offer a welcoming, nurturing, stimulating, safe, and creative environment for your child to have a pleasant growing experience. As a Montessori and preschool teacher with 15+ years of experience, my program is designed with a curriculum that will develop all five domains; physical, cognitive, social-emotional, creative experiences with developmentally appropriate practices, and language. By incorporating all these areas of learning, it will give your child the opportunity to be divergent thinkers. This will allow your child to explore their knowledge with hands-on activities with having full control of their creative decisions, which will build curiosity and the love for learning with excitement during their initial stages of growth and development. 

I will be facilitating an age-appropriate curriculum that would include play and interacting with one another in a stimulating safe atmosphere that will foster the development of learning. 

Respecting families of all cultures is my primary goal. The program's low ratio allows each child to develop as an individual to become independent and confident.

My mission at the Little Explorers Academy Daycare is to create a warm and loving environment to nurture a child's curiosity to explore and develop a love for learning.

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